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 Candlemass CandlemassШведская рок-группа

Abstract Sun

Abstract sun, you're the Sanskrit in my book

Dominion, innocence and pride you took

As a god, I drink the beauty with my eyes

As a man, I do become what I despise

The first time I tried, I bled and I died

Out of the jar to this flamboyant star

Drawn like a moth, clutching because

The idol was there, I approached struck with fear

Locust sun, you're the apple and the pie

Appolyon, wrapped in ash and so am I

And I ask, do men cry or am I wrong?

Gone too far will I live to end this song?

Again now I crept, I saw and I wept

So near, still so far, I'm nothing at all

The last time was right, I gave you my life

The purpose I found and now I am gone

Into the Abstract Sun


Abstract Sun / Candlemass

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