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 Bubba Sparxxx Bubba Sparxxxрок, хип-хоп исполнитель

Like It Or Not

feat. Sleepy Brown)

All the way from Athens, the A-T-L shawty

[Bubba Sparxxx]

Uhh, Sleepy Brown

Uhh, Bubba Sparxxx

We gon' keep doin it baby

Whether you like it or not.. uhh

[Chorus: Sleepy Brown (Bubba)]

Ain't a damn thang pretty

From dirt roads to the city, uhh

(You might catch me drunk in the pub)

(Or either crunk in the club)


Don't matter where I hang

People love my twang, uhh

(Call us country or Southerners mayn)

(We gon' keep doin our thang)


[Sleepy Brown]

Rollin up So Fresh, So Clean

Wood grain, big screen TV's

Uhh, I got the bump-bump in my trunk now

Uhh, I'm 'bout to, I'm 'bout to funk

Now all the ladies seem to like my style

Guess I'll be here for a while, mmm

To see who wants to come and be with me

I'll take you back to the flat so I can show you where it's at, c'mon

Ohh, wee - look at me

Movin 'cross the floor so easily

Oh, my, can't deny

This funk starts high in the sky

I'm 'bout to get my groove on

Uhh, I'm 'bout to bust a move on 'em

Uhh, there's no-thing you can do for 'em

Uhh, cause I'm checkin the spot if you really like it or not


[Bubba Sparxxx]

I know you hate it, I'ma say it to you anyway

I'm 'bout to throw them 24's on that Escalade

Still I got the Mickey T's on the Chevrolet

Z-7-1, the mere sight'll take your breath away

It's today but I'm still on it like it's yesterday

Throw me the ball, this the game that I was bred to play

And pass the cooler with this stewardess named Desire

You ain't no concern, I'ma wait and see w

Bubba Sparxxx

Like It Or Not / Bubba Sparxxx

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