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 Bubba Sparxxx Bubba Sparxxxрок, хип-хоп исполнитель

New South

feat. Duddy Ken)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

To all it was

All it is

And all it shall be

New South

[Bubba Sparxxx]

Uh, yeah, yeah [motherfuckers]

I gotta key Bubba answers, a kilo of questions

The heart for humility, that ego perplexes

Strength, will and honor, a hero's possessions

On the road to destiny I need no directions

Far to Southerners, the best man the winner

And only this morning does the best man remember

Fighters seen the weak, more success than inventors

And a saint never ever suffers less than a sinner

But I'm proud to admit that this shit no longer

Phases or amazes me, I only grow stronger

At any given moment this world can so long ya

Box you up, drop you in the dirt and slow song ya

So every blessed minute I'm breathin

I'm conceivin, for when I do perish, reasons for your grievin

That's not to say I plan on leavin here this evening

I'll be in Honolulu with Steven next season


Dear God, left, right

Life will pass by

Breathe in, exhale

I scream, you yell

New South! (New South!)

New South! (New South!)

Ew, a ew, (break it down)

Ew, a ew (break it down)

[Duddy Ken]

And we gonna rush 'em with a blitz on this

Go round the world and hit every other upper scale and project brick with it

Bubba Sparxxx who meet with the Organized Godly beat

Man it's funny how God can be when you work hard to achieve

It's still slaw nigga (*vocal scratch*), spittin that Pac liquor

This is straight up pocket party, your summer that not nigga

classical rhymes got most cats tryna battle with Ken

Bet they won't "go up shit creek without they paddle again"

Come down to my town, bet you won't visit Athens again-acap

Bubba Sparxxx

New South / Bubba Sparxxx

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