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Listen, first, you must travel, a long, desolate road

This road that you shall travel, will seem like nowhere.

That nowhere, will turn into somewhere

Keep your head up Bubba, dont let nobody get you down,

Cause that road you travel will turn around

Ive accepted every challenge, and risen to all occasions

A country boy thats got his shit like Randy Moss and Jason

Perhaps some of these numerals dont fit in yalls equation

If your opinions coincide with that you oughta save em

Lookin for the greatest Southern rapper, fuck it period

Negative spirits they only keeping down a myriad

Of Satans substances, and my systems still my wisdom

It never once compromised that between God and I

Never once forgotten my manners

Cause my maama played in public housin in Alabama

But she had a diffrent plan for me, russ and ginger

Thank the lord for Jimmy Mathis, pops he must remember us

Are you really down when those other clowns disappear

Taught me how to set the scope, shoot and leave with the deer

Man made me drink the blood, and showed me life was precious

The muddy road from nowhere to somewhere is my direction


I know what its like to be nowhere

I know what its like

I know what its like to be nowhere

I know what its like

Can you relate the kids, six fish sticks on the plate

All writin to Santa Claus, I guess he got the list too late

Or to catch the fish you bait the hook with lil Dylans poo-poo

On Mr. Allens property, he catch you, he will shoot you

Let these cats amuse you with comical depictions

But where Im from being broke is no honorable affliction

Love some Jimmy Carter, but we never even voted

But slum is still slum, so you best believe we told it

Every five armed from AKs t

Bubba Sparxxx

Nowhere / Bubba Sparxxx

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