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Back In The Mud


1,2,3, let's go


Back in the mud I've been in

I confess, I'm so happy here

There's nothing you can do to make me stay away, away, away

[Verse 1]

He's just that country boy, city slick, pit bull temperament

At the Pony, at the Flame, either way it's an event

If it's me consider it more than a coincidence

Even though they mama like me sucka's keep they distances

Barber K, hey, what's that, they say

Hip hop redneck that's a safe place

Say what makes you comfortable

Wit me cuz I like it here

How about a road-dwellin' urban music pioneer

Turn it up, let it bang, run wit me I bet you can't

Took too much to make it float, never will I let it sink

So when we invented it for our youth and generous

Hopin' that my moment passed, I can see no end of it

Twenty-five, livin' like I was born yesterday

Lovin' life, eatin' right, earnin' every breath I take

Standin' in the mud again cuz it seem to pay me well

Playin' wit my not-so-distant cousins from the A-T-L



[Verse 2]

Press it up, ship it out, call the Pony, rent it out

Everything I am today is really what I been about

Athens, Gerogia resident, native of LaGrange though

I don't love the peach state, "Buddy, say it ain't so"

Now all of a sudden, in fact, it's quite the opposite

I'm lovin' y'all from Brunswick up to the metropolis

Can't forget about my Betty Betty and DaLonica

They put the triple X's at the end of Andy's moniker

How could I run from everything that made me

Know that all the love I get's appreciated greatly

Now I'm on the brink of something truly inconceivable

Bubba's international b

Bubba Sparxxx

Back In The Mud / Bubba Sparxxx

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