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Takem To The Water

[Duddy Ken]

Now truthfully, I believe that I'm the tightest nigga musically

Usually I wouldn't brag but I've been bustin since my puberty

In a Cadillac that ride with five guls and they nudity

You can bring yo' best words, I bet I still outrep you brutally

Low down dirty and beautiful, who wanna test my verbal side?

Boy I'm fly-n-tie(?), especially when I let that herbal fly

Southern fried, cool kid, some of that country culture

Leave you dead, peep your bread, a value meal for them busters

[Bubba Sparxxx]

Shit I'm steppin off in the tunnel with a funnel of Keystone

Ate a ten-strip of blotter, been wiggin all week long

Y'all keep on, with that jibbery jabbery slippin out happily

Expose you pretty hoes with a dose of this hospitality

Gravity in yo' trunk while yo' producers forgot the bump

We introduce you to these high hats like that, yo' spot is krunk

This blunt, I put the fire to, I really do admire you

But even though Bubba dirty, he certainly fin' to shine too

[Chorus: Duddy Ken]

I hope you can swim if you wanna battle

You're up shit creek without a paddle

Whatcha gon' do now, grab my pen and slaughter

Bubba Ken and Duddy Ken, take'm to the water

I hope you can swim if you wanna battle

You're up shit creek without a paddle

Y'all ain't ready (y'all ain't ready)

Y'all ain't ready - take'm to the water

[Bubba Sparxxx]

See momma named me lil' devil, that ain't no relation to Satan

Ain't got no patience for hatin, I'll be at the station awaitin

the arrival of that DJ that don't replay unless we pay

I stormed the beach like D-Day, now that bitch play, when we say

I'm with D.K., ain't no N.Y., and we been fly, sin

Bubba Sparxxx

Takem To The Water / Bubba Sparxxx

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