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Get Right

Bubba Sparxxx]

Get your ass up.. get your ass up.. get your ass up..

I hear your car keys jinglin, go 'head and crank it up

Spent a thousand on the liquor but tonight it ain't enough

Cause this town is full of drankers and they all hang with us

Grabbed Betty by the arm, told her man, "Stay in touch"

We takin this one all the way from Athens to Virginia

Hit Timmy for a hundred - that's the last one I'ma lend ya

Ol' girl wanna kick it but she not on my agenda

Did I ever love her? Well, not that I remember

Twerk that, work that, Betty where your purse at?

Snatch daddy's credit cards, here take his shirt back

Where the hell my car at, does anybody know?

If it ain't back in five, everybody gotta go

Ah to hell with it, y'all keep that little Honda

I'm waitin on some Beams from this bitch named Yolanda

Y'all lookin all tired shit I'm just wakin up

By the way when you get up out my bed, make it up

[Chorus: repeat 2X]

[T] Boy take that shot

[B] I'll take that shot

[T] Girl hit tonight

[B] I'll hit tonight

[T] Boy crank this spot

[B] I'll crank this spot

[T] Girl get me right

[B] I'll get you right

[Bubba Sparxxx]

Aight, get your ass out my bed I'm through playin

You wanna stay the night - what the hell is you sayin?

I ain't tryin to come across to you as inconsiderate

But momma always said if you don't love it then get rid of it

Besides, I got thirty dogs waitin in the yard

They gotta eat too girl, don't make it hard

I'm kinda difficult to understand at first contact

Offered you a beer, don't be expectin much beyond that

Aww shit, y'all quit, I'm winnin

Drownin in a pool of alcohol and I'm swimmin

You wanna play with me but can't last nine innings

Since you wanna chase, what you like, lime, lemon?

I'll make an open challenge tot his whole industry

We can do it with tequila, bourbon gin or Hennessy

Have you butt naked pukin in a purple limousine

I ain't doin shit but drankin do some rappin in between



We lit tonight (ain't we)

She gettin right (ain't she)

We ain't gon' stop (is we)

Until we all (dizzy)

[Bubba Sparxxx]

I walked in like a star and I ain't even with Timmy

Stop bein hard, baby girl I give plenty

I seem like a prick cause I got some shit in me

Grab your long johns, boy it's gettin a bit windy

You really wanna know the secret to this white pimpin?

Though I might love 'em, I don't really like women

New the next day and finally the night ended

Lookin back on it that shit was quite splendid

[Chorus - repeat 2X

Bubba Sparxxx

Get Right / Bubba Sparxxx

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