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Dark Days Bright Nights

Bubba Sparxxx]


If you shed blood with me to this point, you deserve an explanation

For all the hell you've endured, while helping me reach my destination

And this effort to bless the nation

I've might had did more harm than good

But I've always showed you heart, this is just my but apart from would

Man I love the darkest hood

But also the brightest suburb

To think I would just despise the folks because I'm broke and white it's absurd

I'm told be tight you get hurt, but I don't hear my spinal spinning

Yeah we found some distribution, but bet the crying is just beginning

Cause these bright nights, could lead to dark days and vice versa

Even if Greg Street don't play, I guarantee you a nice purchase

Frankly, I'm quite certain I'm the livest fucker out there

I'm making love to the truth, inside that vocal booth without care

I won't even talk about stare

From angry illogic rappers

Cause every time they get confronted, they'll give you head than dap ya

This one don't really need a hook, but Shannon said it'll be a single

So I devote this to my life, so much more than a catch of a jiggle


Dark days, bright nights

For that outside in the night, you know what Bubba's life is like

Bright nights, dark days

For them broads that truly love me and hate to see me live this way

Dark days, bright nights

For when they say you can't live, fuck them, do it just out of spite

Bright nights, dark days

For every person without a voice that got something they need to say

[Bubba Sparxxx]

See it's apparent that you know, there's a lot of folks that love Bubba

Not cause of any rap I wrote, they see something above gutter

Though, my pockets don't reflex that

It's my vision, and they respect that

Love comes in a form of a various drug, and I can't neglect that

So me and my folks get fucked up like six nights out of seven

That's the bright light of our lives

Like God's shinning light right out of Heaven

But at the conclusion of every session

I wish that Dark Day to expose

The plight of my situation, no blow, no dough for big shows

But still they see we this close from seeing the promise land

So that leads to another bright night, when all of us is college grand

Being loved by the moms and dads

Which some of us wasn't blessed with

You think we all born with two lovin' parents and a treasure chest

Shit, I was fortunate to be loved, by my paternal units

I'm gonna make their son a winner, fuck how bad it'll hurt I'm doing it

Even if I was to ruin it

Never with me and my heart part ways

We developed too strong of a bond, turning bright nights into dark days


Yeah it's true, I also do get praise from the other side of the tracks

You know, that dark days part of town, when they intentionally hide the blacks

Ain't got no reply to that, I said I'm sorry if I'm to blame

I tried like hell to sooth your soul by planting the facts inside your brain

I never once lied to the game, the acceptance of not one black dude

It's just Bubba that country fucker smoking swages and eating snack foods

Now every time they ask you, "why you live the way you choose too?"

Say cause Bubba set you right, the only one they loved, knew you

That leaves you with no excuse to settle with what they offer

He try to pay you the slave wagers, play that role, and tell them naw, sir

I'll probably won't even falter if you dismiss me as the demon

It is true, I am not you, my skin's the tone of piss and seamen

But if we fight this evening, I assure you, we'll both bleed red

And it'll take your whole slum and all your guns to leave me dead

Plus all that blood we shed what do nothin' but server their purpose

So let's unite these bright nights and dark days, they'll see you nervous

[Chorus (Fades to the end

Bubba Sparxxx

Dark Days Bright Nights / Bubba Sparxxx

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