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 Bubba Sparxxx Bubba Sparxxxрок, хип-хоп исполнитель

Bubba Talk

Bubba Sparxxx]

I can't do that Timbaland shit, that that shoop shit..

There goes that damn Bubba just bein his country self

Slide inside Timmy's track and ride it 'til nothing's left

Bet you then they'll get the picture, a legendary mixture

like Jim Beam and Coke, can you cope with that elixir?

Drank it, that'll fix ya, why you angry anyway?

I'm in the same mud as you, been dirty for plenty days

Okay, let's get it on, in any shape form or fashion

At the Tunnel in New York, or at the dorms out in Athens

Y'all still don't hear me? Am I not speakin clearly?

I just throw y'all little lames on any trash heap that's near me

Fuck 'em, hot damn 'em, really, to hell with 'em

Send 'em to Nelly B(?), and certainly they'll get 'em

I really don't have to answer to questions that y'all present me

But I know why after this here session, y'all resent me

Never the one to fuss, just smile and let 'em walk

Okey-dokey, now they knowin how Bubba talk

[Chorus: Bubba Sparxxx]

Y'all don't know me a'tall

I say the same thang but slower than y'all

A little Southern charm to top it off

Okey-dokey, dis dat Bubba talk

Y'all don't know me a'tall

I say the same thang but slower than y'all

A little Southern charm to top it off

Okey-dokey - SPIT BOY!

[Bubba Sparxxx]

This time it gets ugly, my folks done got to drankin

Some rednecks and thugs in the club, now what you thankin?

Hopped up and stankin, bankin on Bubba's rise

All up on that Betty you got, with rubber thighs

Can't help but love them guys, they happy they out the country

But the country's still in them, black and nappy, white and grungy

Lawd this boy's gone, from dirty to fast speed

And if she don't visit, we snatchin that rare squeeze

If you mad leave, this is not yo' type of party

Some Jim Beam with gin and Henn with white Bacardi

Yeah we quite retarded but hell you only live once

Still talkin Bubba but I can't complete the sentence


[Bubba Sparxxx]

I slowly let my anger turn to just concern

for y'alls well bein, I'm seein there's much to earn

In this money pit of music, this dummy shit's amusin

That's what you think it is? Meet me at the bank with this

I'll withdraw the same two bills and spend it on port (?)

Y'all can't run with me, stay on the porch please

There's somethin special, about Bubba's mannerisms

That's why they should accept, any helpin hand I give 'em

I don't know, is it me, or is this industry foul?

They used to be sugar but they shit to me now

Get in and get bent, that's enough then cut me off

No matter what it cost it's worth it when Bubba talk

[Chorus] - repeat 2X

Bubba Sparxxx

Bubba Talk / Bubba Sparxxx

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