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Neon Moon

When the sun goes down on my side o' town,

that lonesome feelin' comes to my door,

and the whole world turns blue.

There's a run-down bar across the railroad tracks.

I got a table for two, way in the back, were I sit alone

and think of losin' you.

I spend most every night beneath the light of a neon moon.


Well if you lose your one and only,

there's always room here for the lonely

to watch your broken dreams dance in and out of the beams

of a neon moon.

I think of two young lovers run wild and free.

I close my eyes and sometimes see

you in the shadows of this smoke filled room.

No tellin' how many tears I've sat here and cried,

or how many lies that I've lied,

tellin' my poor heart 'She'll come back some day.'

Oh, but I'll be alright, as long as there's light from a neon moon.

(repeat Chorus)

The jukebox plays on, drink by drink,

and the words of every sad song seem to say what I think

and this hurt inside o' me ain't never gonna end.

Oh, but I'll be alright as long as there's light from a neon moon.

(Repeat Chorus twice

Brooks & Dunn

Neon Moon / Brooks & Dunn

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