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We Are The Toros

I'm sexy, I'm cute

I'm popular to boot

I'm bitchen, great hair

The boys all love to stare

I'm wanted, I'm hot

I'm everything you're not

I'm pretty, I'm cool

I dominate the school

Who am I? Just guess.

Guys wanna touch my chest.

I'm rockin', I smile

And many think I'm vile

I'm flyin', I jump

You can look but don't you hump

I'm major, I roar

I swear I'm not a whore

We cheer and we lead

We act like we're on speed

Hate us cuz we're beautiful

Well we don't like you either

We're cheerleaders

We are cheerleaders

Roll call!

Call me Big Red

I'm whoa-whoa-Whitney


Judith Darcy

I'm big-bad Carver, yeah

Call me Casey!

I'm still Big Red

I sizzle, I scorch

But now I pass the torch

The ballots are in

And one girl has to win

She's perky, she's fun

And now she's number one

Cute-cute-cute Torrance


I'm strong and I'm loud

I'm gonna make you proud

of T-T-Torrance

Your captain Torrance

We are the Toros

The mighty mighty Toros

We're so terrific

We must be Toros

We Are The Toros /

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