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Сара Брайтман Сара Брайтманпоп певица

The River Cried

I took a walk today, through these gray lonely streets

Thinkin of you, missing you, and hoping that we'd meet

I didn't tell my legs where to go,

I just walked up to the dock

I sat on the edge

Fighting a shiver

Telling everything I hurt, inside


And the river cried, 'coz I lost your love

The river cried, aaaaahhhh

The river cried, for my lonely soul

The river cried, you were the only one that really knew me

You were the only one in whom I confide

And hearing this... the River Cried

Oh . . .

I say myself today, through these gray lonely streets

Did you have to leave this town or did you just have to leave me?

All these questions in my mind

I didn't see the signs,

The river keeps flowing, I can't keep going

Waiting for you too return, my pride

chorus 3x

Сара Брайтман

The River Cried / Сара Брайтман

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