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Take my life

There's a river that's swollen with rain

You wouldn't guess that I've known so much pain,

I have a heart, swollen with pride,

You wouldn't guess what I hold inside

Oh, it feels so good to have you around

I feel the walls come tumbling down

I'm ready to change, ready to feel

To be revealed

Take my life, in your hands

Take my love, be my man

I'm tired of all the lonely nights

I need someone to hold me in the candlelight

Take my life, I wanna live

I have so much more I want to give

I need a love that cuts like a knife

Take My Life

There's a river that's runnin' wild

Could I take you back when I was a child

I want to see just who I am

To be revealed

Take My hand, and lead me

With your love you can free me

Oh, take the chains, away from my heart

Take My Life

Сара Брайтман

Take my life / Сара Брайтман

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