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Murder in Mairyland Park


The Latin lines are not given in the CD-booklet and they are difficult to understand; s e the remarks at the Fly page on this.

Translations: 'Angus Dei' = 'Lamb of God' and 'qui tollis peccata mundi' = 'who takes away the sins of the world' (cf. Pie Jesu).

Things that happen just once

If she'd looked she would have seen it

He was standing all night

'Cross the street very still

And they go out so easily

The street lamps

The cars come and go

Crazy, so crazy

But I see you too clearly

I don't trust myself anymore

If it's all true just say it

I may already know

That sound when it's over

The sidewalks will carry you home

And the evening so easily

Agnus, agnus


Agnus, agnus

Qui tollis peccata [mundi]

Crazy, so crazy

Сара Брайтман

Murder in Mairyland Park / Сара Брайтман

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