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In pace

Note: the 's' between square brackets is sung, but that is incorrect Latin.

Diligite justitiam,

o judices terrae,

o judices terrae.

Justorum animae in manu Dei sunt,

et non tanget illos tormentum mortis.

Visi sunt oculis insapientium mori,

et aestimata est afflictio exi[s]tus illorum

-- illi autem sunt in pace.

Tyrannus impius non habet spem:

et si quidem longae vitae erit,

in nihilum computabitur.

Princeps autem justus,

princeps autem justus,

illi autem sunt in pace

-- in pace.

At peace

Cherish righteousness,

o judges of the earth,

o judges of the earth.

The souls of the righteous are in the hands of God,

and the torment of death will not touch them.

In the sight of the unwise they seemed to die,

and their departure is taken for misery

-- but they are at peace.

The ungodly ruler has no hope,

and even if he lives long,

he shall be regarded as nothing.

But the just prince,

the just prince,

he is at peace

-- at peace.

Сара Брайтман

In pace / Сара Брайтман

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