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Сара Брайтман Сара Брайтманпоп певица

Captain Nemo

Under the surface so crystal clear

Everyone was really tense

Waiting down there

He had his own world just like I had mine

We'll go seperate ways 'til the next time

There are no words to say

As my friend swims away


Captain Nemo said, "Okay"

(Five, four, three, two, one)

Then I raised my hand and waved

Captain Nemo went away

(Love me when I'm gone)

Left me all alone, Nemo's going home

And as I watched him, police boats approached

An alien force haunting us like ghosts

"Wish I could stay here and play for a while

But I must be on my way ..."

The warmest of smiles

Then he dived into the waves

Among the other whales

Refrain (4x)

Сара Брайтман

Captain Nemo / Сара Брайтман

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