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Entry Way Song

last saturday i stood in your entry way

that place where we used to wait

for cars to carry us away

like once in this storm, they drove me and justin home

the music was just being born

it was all i was longing for

now im on a plane

off singin my songs again, oh please dont think ill of it

cause its the reason i exists

but you, youre the crutch of a cripple

you're the calm of a conscience

you're the peace that i have found

when all these voices talk too loud you are quietly reassuring me

With the hands of a healer

And the tongue of a teacher

its your voice that I have known

To be the first one on the phone

Yeah, you ran all the lights to the hospital

So don't you say to me

That life's a trap

The future is nothing but a tragedy

'Cos I'll be out of that window

Yeah, I'll start wishing to die again

Just say we're not walking backwards, kid

And show me to the door

And I'll walk behind

Out into the hot sunlight

Where the world's very much alive

Even when I close my eyes

Well, should I admit

That my promise is counterfeit

That I'm careless and childish

And that's all I can hope to be

And would you concede

That I think only of myself

I refuse everybody's help

Who has been reaching out for me

Well, you reach with the soul of a sailor

And the swing of a miner

You have cleared the rock away

Leaving gold there in its place

And it is more than anyone could claim

Oh, with the sense of a banker

And with the touch of a tailor

You saved this life for me

And you have sown it to beauty

And I am grateful now and I will always be

So would you sing with me -a

Bright Eyes

Entry Way Song / Bright Eyes

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