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False Advertising

On a string

On a string

on a string

I was held

The way I moved, can you tell

My actions are orchestrated from above

And so I swing and I sway

Wave my hand, kick my leg

And it's always right with the music

(katie and tiffany: till all that swaying starts to make you sick)

For a song, I was bought

Now I lie, when I talk

With a careful eye on the cue card

Onto a stage, I was pushed

With my sorrow well rehearsed

So give me all your pity and your money now

All of it

(katie and tiffany: we used to think that sound was something pure)

But if I could act like this was my real life

And not some cage where I've been placed

Well then I could tell you

The truth like I used to

And not be afraid of sounding fake

Now all that he was listening for are the mistakes

(katie: sorry!)

No it's ok, it's ok

One, two, three!

One, two, three!

In a house by myself

I hear the ice start to melt

And I watch the rooftops weep for the sunlight

And I know what must change

Fuck my face, fuck my name

They are brief and false advertisements

For a soul, I don't have

Something true I have lacked

I spent my whole life trying to make up for it

But I found, in a song

And in the people I love

They will lift me up out of darkness

And now my door

It stands open, I'm inviting everyone in

We're gonna laugh, we're gonna drink

Until the morning comes

That's what we're gonna do!

Come on!

Come on!

Bright Eyes

False Advertising / Bright Eyes

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