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The Trees Get Wheeld Away

Anchormen spike their blood, wear masks of mud

Cucumbers cut to fit their eyes

So no one would know how tired theyve grown

Of talking and telling their lies

While the TV's change stations, scroll messages

Victims and Christians are both drinking blood

And they pray for the destruction of all hatred

More often just those with hate for us

'Cause it hurts when you discover one's worse and one's better

To suffer or cause others to

And you can live by your conscience, now guilt is a concept

Youre no longer subscribing to

Theres a virgin in my bed

And shes taking off her dress

And Im not sure what I am gonna do

Theres a song stuck in my head

And I cant help singing it

And how I hope my singing pleases you

'Cause I am not who I've become but what you made me into

Ive got no health insurance, no cellular service

No disease they can cure

We need more money to burn so each person must learn

The dollar amount they are worth

And those pills make me dizzy, forgetting my body

I watch as it walks away

And I just keep drinking the poison and smoking the cartons

A pack and a half a day

And so when time comes to claim me

My friends and my family will gather around my grave

And theyll believe that they knew me and loved me and miss me

And all call me by my name

So imagine what you want

And then hold onto that thought

'Cause thats as close as it will ever come

And believe youre where you are

Just keep acting out the part

At the end of the day the trees all get wheeled away

And youll be standing alone in a blank, blank space

So believe youre who you are

And just stay in character

But at the end of the play the audience

Bright Eyes

The Trees Get Wheeld Away / Bright Eyes

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