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Act Of Contrition

the air was all dust and not so untamed

the ground opened up and swallowed all of the rain

and it swallowed you too into distance unknown

as they sat down for dinner they waited for you to get home

yeah, they set a place for you.

so don't believe everything you read in that diary of yours

and this nervousness, it isn't all your fault

its just these shaking hands won't do what i want...them to

and i've tried to guess what it is that you thought about

that act act of contrition that rolled off out tongues as you left

what are you crying for?

just dust my heart and you will find

there are no fingers printed there

just the untouched place that lies inside

of every lonely boy tonight.

and all of this open air has caused me to choke

on your new found hope for me.

Bright Eyes

Act Of Contrition / Bright Eyes

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