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Spent On Rainy Days

I wish I saved up for rainy days

Because theyre the hardest to be dry.

I got no self-control

Im always begging into telephones .

And then I

I bought a little from a brothers friend, yeah,

Just to get me by.

I dont trust his cut

The effect is never the same as the mark-up.

I think Ill print it in the personals

That Im looking for a match -

Someone to light me up

Someone to burn the proof of the things that Ive done.

Each day theres hours I skip like a stone

I just crawl in a bag.

I wanna live my life like somebodys shadow

I know Im lazy with the little things

I mean I never held a door.

But I still loved you more

Than anyone since, or before.

Youre always saying that I owe you one, well,

Lets consolidate this debt -

Get on a payment plan

Ill pay you compliments you keep on treating me bad.

But now its easy, getting easier,

To leave you and this town behind.

Ill do some traveling

Once Im gone tell all our friends you got even.

Im held like an object and then set aside,

Im back on the shelf,

Im locked in the drawer,

Im mint in the box by cheap stuff.

Youd sell me for cost, wouldnt you?

Id be anything

The cord of a parachute

Ill be anything

The blanket on top of you

Ill be anything

The window youre looking through

Ill be anything

The cord of a parachute

Ill be anything

The cord of a parachute

The cord of a parachute

Bright Eyes

Spent On Rainy Days / Bright Eyes

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