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A New Arrangement

If you could change your days, arranging them in some sweet new sequence

Like any new arrangement's gonna make a difference

Cause it's the moment that you're living in and not the one that follows

That makes this mess you're cleaning in your head

Time still drags you forward, though you keep resisting

You know it's what you leave behind, you'll soon start missing

And the people you once counted on now say it's all depending

On how you act and how you treat yourself

And that's not very well

So baby, when I call for you

I want you to come

Explain yourself to everyone

You nod in an acknowledgement of your frequent mood swings

Yeah, what good's an acknowledgement, it still don't change things

We've tried all forms of encouragement, but it's still no better

You just can't seem to fake or force a smile

Not even a little one

But baby, when I call to you

I want you to come

And lay it out for everyone

Exactly how it was before any of this happened

And why you can't leave it behind

Now don't just, don't just sit there when I call to you

I told you to come and lay it out for

Don't feel awkward

Lay it out for everyone

Bright Eyes

A New Arrangement / Bright Eyes

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