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Head Looking For A Bullet

I was born into this world no identity of my own

So, I believed every word that my sweet mother told

When I was a child, I learned the devil ways

I could fight with the best of them

I could resist the pain

As I became a man, I learned life's mysteries

But there was always something hidden away from me

Head looking' for a bullet, loose your head!

Looking for a bullet.

This deceptive place lies and politics

I've been on the edge agitation has set in

I see the trouble is coming again

Minds of wrath are rising within

When the worlds were framed

I was standing there

The things that are seen were not made

Of things which do appear

In the desert of my mind in the in-part realm of time

At the Place of the Skull count all my bones

In the valley of decision on the island of despair

Cut off my way of thinking I will see you there

Head Looking For A Bullet /

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