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I'm looking for the Sons of God

Manifest the inner light

First Fruit Company stand on your feet

Salvation comes to history

Your sound goes out to all the earth

Your words to the ends of the world

There is no speech nor dialect

Where your voice is not heard

It's A Revolution

It's A Revolution

It's A Revolution

YOU don't get the point

I can see it in your eyes

The cross is the door, You are the promise

Every thought is captivated

Bringing obedience and revelation

Appearing in us for every eye to see

Transformation and Resurrection

Free from death hell and the grave

Watch me wade the flames of fire

I will suffer for your sake

I am that I am

I am sent me

I am blots out transgressions

I am that I am

I am sent me

I am who comforts you

Revolution /

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