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Evil Geniuses

To All my critics the cynics who want me want to go away

What keeps me going why don't I quit?

I'm not a looser like you a reviewer like you

A liar or a hypocrite like you

I'm not a frustrated beaten musician like you

I would rather be a Has Been than a Never Was

The public is funny

They love you one minute

In the same breath, they hate you your old news

Then they beg you to play old school

Then they want it back like it was what to do?

Like before, they get bored; keep score, your ignored, strike a chord

The cycle is you reward.

Then they hate you again, then they hate you again

They buy God they sell God, I'm numb

Baby Jesus Love Dolls, Everybody wants one

They rob God, create God I'm numb

I dropped the BOMB!

These are my words

That make you burn, that cleanses your soul that wakes the dead

The same fire you condemn me in, I've been baptized in,

Purged in, matured in, not hurt by, been blessed by, been purified

Just because you don't understand me, Don't mean I ain't justified

Maybe you have a learning disability I am sanctified

You wouldn't come to me when you had a problem with me

You took it to the press, like all the rest

To the promoters, my manager

even my mom, You created a mess

If your life is so redundant, so boring so routine, so bland,

Uninspired, that you got to invade mine,

Get into my affairs, infiltrate my beliefs

Get out of me, away from me,

Stop terrorizing me

Watcha you wanna email me, rail on me, accuse me, cut down on me

I give my heart to you; I'm not your therapist

You say I'm in sin, you judge me,

you stone me I can't help it if you are blind; you act like you own me

I preach the same Christ, the s

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