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Close To The Center Of The Earth

The city of the dead is full of exhibitionists

Dancing in the streets in their bones

The hounds have the scent and they're on the trail

Chase them into the cave where darkness dwells

If my sin remains I have chosen my god

Choose this day who you will serve

As for me and my house

We will serve the Lord

From high lofty window tops you see

Peering through the oil and scum

Praying the door is locked

They see the chase below through the avenue

And you think those bones look like you

The dead are all around in a state of decay

And you are safe in a secret place

Not of things you've earned or deserve

But you have been called out of this world

They're walking closer to the center of the earth

All along they think they're exploring the universe

They'll never prove that God doesn't exist

'Cause God took away all their evidence

Close To The Center Of The Earth /

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