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Брайан  Уилсон Брайан Уилсон лидер группы BEACH BOYS

Let Him Run Wild

(brian wilson/michael love)

Irving music. inc bmi

When i watch you walk with him

Tears fill my eyes

And when i heard you talk with him

I couldnt stand his lies

And now before he tries it

I hope you realize it


Let him run wild he dont care

Let him run wild hell find out

Let him run wild he dont care

I guess you know i waited for you girl

Hell do the same with other girls

As he did to you

Then one day hell run into one

Thats going to hurt him too

Before he makes you over

Im going to take you over


All the dreams you shared with him

You might as well forget

Because i know a truer love

And thats what youll get

And now that you dont need him

Well he can have his freedom girl


Брайан Уилсон

Let Him Run Wild / Брайан Уилсон

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