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Брайан  Уилсон Брайан Уилсон лидер группы BEACH BOYS

Lay Down Burden

(brian wilson/joe thomas)

New executive music/on the fox music bmi

So many years spent running away

How many times i wished i could stay

Too much emotion a hole in my heart

Feeling alone since weve been apart

And if i had the chance

Id never let you go

Just want you to know


Lay down lay me down

Lay me down

Lay down burden

How many things i wanted to do

How many times spent thinking this through

So many nights spent here by the phone

Wonderin?if you felt just as alone

And while some things have all been

Crazy from the start

Its tearing me apart


Just remember the way i held you

Youre always in my heart


Брайан Уилсон

Lay Down Burden / Брайан Уилсон

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