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The Footloose Doll

Look at that chick

In the silvery dress

She's got a cool tattoo

And her hair is a mess

And every single guy in the joint

Is just watching her dance

Dance ballerina,shimmy on down

It's your turn to swing

It's your night on the town

A little gin goes a long way

So please pass it around

She's the footloose doll

Dancin' like a hurricane

She's the footloose doll

I don't even know her name

She's the footloose doll

Now standin' at the bar

Was long cool Eddie

He had a few

And he's not really steady

But he had his peepers

Fixated on the footloose doll

She called out

Брайан Сетцер

The Footloose Doll / Брайан Сетцер

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