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Here With Me

Jazz of Dru Hill - Here with Me


You know Loving you Means more than words can say

but if I had to do it all over again

You're the one thing I wouldn't change

And that's for real


Never before in my life

Through every hello every, good-bye

Have I ever fell so far so soon

Girl it's you

A beauty you are in my eyes

And every touch felt so right

It's taking me deeper into you


And I would give my time, my soul, my love,My everything

And every night no one, no where, nothing that can compete

Cause you mean the world to me


Take away my car

Take away my clothes

Take away my fame

Take away my dough

And I'll be OK without it

If you're right here with me(right here with me)

Take away my house

Take away my jewels

My material things

Baby take that, too take that, too

I won't shed a tear without it

If you're right here with me

So many things I never knew about myself

So many things I never felt in no one else

You have shown me and it's only with you, baby

(Girl it's you)

Cause I know true happiness(yeah)

In you I've found(yeah)

I never felt(never, never)

And I've been around(I did it)

If I had the world to give you

You know that's what I would do




Listen girl, you know oh......

Say I'll be OK if you're right here with me

I'll give any and everything just to (make you see)

Though I've been through it all, girl before you

It's your love that makes me complete

Do you belive me, baby


Oh, yeah

Your love is all I nee

Брайан МакНайт

Here With Me / Брайан МакНайт

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