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Брайан  МакНайт Брайан МакНайт певец, поэт, композитор, аранжировщик и продюсер



one look in your eye

though i'm stronger than a locomotive i can't tell a lie no more disguise


i'm yours you're mine i'm your superhero for you i will fight i'll

save your life i'm your superhero all day all night


kal-el son of jor-el all my secrets you can never tell and you know

why especially about the kryptonite and by the way i can fly



i can't see through lead but i am faster than a speeding bullet you

are all i need to make it through this lonely daily planet


[Thanks to lilone@yahoo.com for these lyrics]

Брайан МакНайт

Superhero / Брайан МакНайт

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