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Брайан  МакНайт Брайан МакНайт певец, поэт, композитор, аранжировщик и продюсер



Dear, every time you're near

Unreal as it may seem

You stepped right out of a dream

Oh my, did you fall down from the sky

To cause my world to spin

Now I'm back in love again


Marilie, I know you're the one for me

Yo te quiero a si

(Yo te quiero a si)

Everytime I look into your eyes

Marilie, the most beautiful I've ever seen

You're everything I'd ever need

(everything I'd ever need)

You help me be all I can be

That's why I love you, Marilie


I feel like I could fly

With your hand in my hand

I'm some kind of superman

See, now you and I are here

Still what goes up comes down

I'll never let you touch the ground

(chorus)--repeat and fade

Брайан МакНайт

Marilie / Брайан МакНайт

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