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Брайан  МакНайт Брайан МакНайт певец, поэт, композитор, аранжировщик и продюсер

Anytime (Remix)


Yeah, yeah one time for your mind

Suave House style baby

(Ooh) Eightball the Fat Mack

Brian McKnight (ooh)

We doing it like this


I can't remember why we fell apart

From something that was so meant to be, yeah

Forever was the promise in our hearts

Now, more and more I wonder where you are

1 - Do I ever cross your mind anytime?

Do you ever wake up reaching out for me?

Do I ever cross your mind anytime?

I miss you

Still have your picture in a frame

Hear your footsteps down the hall

I swear I hear your voice driving me insane

How I wish that you would call to say

Repeat 1

I miss you

I miss you

(Oh, no more)

Loneliness and heartache

(No more)

Crying myself to sleep

(Oh no more)

Wondering about tomorrow

Won't you come back to me?

Come back to me


Yeah, yeah

One-two check it out

Ooh baby I like the way you like to play with Big Ball

I'mma gonna cut my pager off

We don't need no clothes at all

Fall in love choppin' it up

You know me and I know you

Once the conversation get through

Ain't no secret what we gon do

Flippin' me and you in the S chiffon hay

Every day and if you was right here with me

It wouldn't be hard to say

I think about what we used to have

And how we used to be

Honestly, tell me the truth

You don't ever think about me

Repeat 1 till end

Брайан МакНайт

Anytime (Remix) / Брайан МакНайт

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