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There's a pain in my brain

Confusion in my heart

My blood's fit for bursting

My body apart - I'm gonna ride -

Ride the night into the morning sun

Gonna make my resurrection

No more of this crap

Got a whole new direction

Ain't no turning back

Resurrection is a-gonna come

My spirit is weeping

For freedom it cries

Ben scraping my living

In the Valley of Lies

Ride the night into the morning sun

I'm a victim of a victim

Of a conspiracy

>From a corpum derelictum

Gonna fly and be free

The resurrection is a-gonna come

Clear the vision

Heal the system

Sins forgiven - RISE!

Flee the prison

Break the system

Sins forgive - RISE!!RISE!!

Ride the night- yes I know I'm still alive -

Gotta ride the night - yeah I'm gonna ride -

Gonna rise again in the morning light

There's no use in counting

The price of those years

There's too many heartaches

And too many tears

Gotta ride the night into the morning sun

Yes I thought I was dreaming

But the East is ablaze

With promise of the future

Those Heavenly Days

Ride the night into the morning sun

Ride the night - into the morning sun

Cos the resurrection is a-gonna come

Брайан Мэй

Resurrection / Брайан Мэй

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