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Hangover Mondays

My bedroom smells like stale beer and cold McDonalds

fries I woke up for my interview with mucus in my eyes

My morning pee reminds me of a sprinkler I once stole,

Do you know how hard it is to get 3 streams in I bowl


Hangover Mondays- Tuesday looking great

Hangover-over Monday- I burped to taste the dinner fries I ate

My image in mirror keeps moving in frame

To the rhythmic pulsing pounding of the blood in my

brain It's- hard-.Its hard to find my toothbrush since its use


night before It gathered up a -hairball I when I found

it on the floor Hangover Monday take a little Advil for

the head Hangover Monday this is what my mother

always said...

Your liver gonna kill you

your livers gonna kill you

just wait and see

So I'll get another one like David Crosby

Hangover Monday's and Mickey Mantle

Hangover Monday's after all this

I'm sure a transplant I could handle

I unplugged the phone sometime around four

When my girlfriend called to yell at me about

my arm around a whore

I couldn't recall this woman as I scratched my throbbing head

'Till I found her passed out naked on the floor besides my bed

Hangover Monday's I woke her then I called a cab

Hangover Monday's she told me that the sex was really bad

Hangover Mondays /

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