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Back In Style

Your friends go to pieces when they see you walk with me

We're two different species; your the more or less elite

Let 'em know how I made you smile

And how we embrace the world as one

And one is backinstyle

0h, here's one you'll like this morning I woke up your

friend He's gone, couldn't go on

I could not see you waste your- time with him

Just to let you know I always think of us

As one sometimes to find I've won

And one is backinstyle

I found out another aging silent war within me raging on

And it's so hard for- me to keep it down

Now we'll go, you'll be find

Dogs couldn't find you where I plan to take you to him

Soon You'll see him. soon I swear

Let him know your over me

The smile reassuringly then think of me

As I come back in style

Back In Style /

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