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At 17

At 17 my mother's screams at night could wake the dead

Four days this week I didn't make the bed

What's important to you now is something we don't share

Can you learn to fear when your already scared?

I'm lining up defenseless for a war that's never won

Some things are easy for some

I'm looking at the road again, the futures lined and neat

Required college courses on a sheet

But there is no choice for you, while your

father pays the fee

So register into your destiny...

Then tell me what its like to be the one

Some things are easy for some

I'd end it all right now to know someone

Give me a gun- some things are easy for some

I haven't known the girl I know; I wonder what it's like

To sleep with her on some romantic night

With no football jacket to offer her

And a face with cheeks this wide there was only one

Way I was getting inside

Spend time on my music and hope my looks

Shell overcome but...some things are easy for some

All the songs I wrote about her I never could get done

Some things are easy for some

At 17 /

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