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Dodgy Teacher

his name is Robin

he likes to hav a drink

I dont really mind

but its during my lesson time

I want to do well

but I have Robin Stone (as a teacher)

he doesnt know who we are (by name)

and he doesnt give a decent grade out.

cause hes such a ugly teacher, baby

and hes such a pointless teacher, baby

listens to Kellys sony walkman in class. oohh oohh oohh.

yea Robin drinks

and he brings a flask to school (college)

and he tells us that,

its his home made coffee from *****.

he lives far away

and drives a Rover

how dose he do 2 things at once,

drive in his car, and drink at the same time.

your such a dodgy teacher, Robin

yea your such a dodgy teacher, Stoney

listens to Pauleys MP3 in class. oohh oohh oohh

I mean yeah,

do you think

that he can not get drunk one lesson

I mean yeah,

do you think

that his flask contains homemade coffee.

man he looks old

even though he jus ova 40.

Oh My Dear God

hes walking right over to me,

this must be fake

I havnt done the right work,

how does he know who I am,

and how come he hasnt swore that much.

I hav jus written your repot card, baby

it will arrive on Friday, maybe.

im jus a dodgy teacher like Lessa Laws. oooo o o ooo

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