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I Want To Learn A Thing (Part2)

we try to be one time

every Friday afternoon.

jus before we Derek,

having Lee giving the answers.

we always dread the time.

we have Robin on Mondays,

sitting at the back of class, waiting.

once the lesson starts to beigin, we cant stop laughing.

were starting to laugh so much,

were starting to cry so to much

in Robin Stones lesson

cant belive this is Marketing.

and then when he tries to teach,

we dont really want to listen

cause we seem to be laughin to much.

its been two months now

and Robin is still drinkin.

drinking loads of pints of Bitter,

and taking some Vodka shots.

and when he comes to class,

he can barely walk straight

he has become so drunk that he cannot teach the class, forever and ever and...

...once again he came to class

even drunker than once before

this is Marketing

and were having so much fun.

and even when we tried to learn

Robin Stone was at the pub, drinkin loads of booze

so we would have a fun lesson.

we like to miss Mondays lesson,

but Fridays we dont.

Moday mornin are so borin, whilst Fridays are not.

we have exames so soon,

it doesnt look to good for us.

we dont really care, as long as Robin drinks. yea yea yea yea.

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