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Met a girl introduced myself

I asked her to with me and no one else

And she said: Id really like to see you everyday

But Im afraid of what my friends might say

You need a bath and your clothes are wrong

Youre not my type I can tell we wouldnt get along

I just laughed what else could I do

And her friend chimed in singin get a clue

Get a life put it in your song

Theres something Ive been meaning to say to you

Id had enough couldnt take it anymore

So I turned and I ran straight for the door

Bought some mags on my way home

For later on ya know when Im all alone

Bottle of wine and some cigarettes

Watch TV and go to bed

I know a guy lives in Los Angeles

Sometimes his life there makes me so jealous

Id like to move out of this place

Change my name get a new face

Sleep all day stay up all night

And everybody I meet thinks Im alright

Pat my back say I like your song

Metarie /

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