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Pleasure Seeker

Drip drip drip drip outside my window

A head full of zip sleeps on my pillow

And it must be a phase that Im in

Coz I cant explain to begin

Could be a permanent thing

But it feels like a meaningless fling

The man in the pink such a mild-mannered fellow

He gave me a wink and a good-natured hello

Lately Im tired all the time

Guilty of the worst kind of crime

A game I cant possibly win

When I keep getting kicked in the shin

Im just so far gone

I dont know what planet Im on

I wanna come down

Taken it hard for so long

I dont now whats right or whats wrong with me

Im coming down

(Such a funny creature)

When I drink I feel mellow

And if I think Im Saul Bellow

And lately I do as I please

Dont much care who disagrees

Could be a permanent thing

Feels like a meaningless fling

And they say that Im just a pleasure seeker

Pleasure Seeker /

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