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What are you trying to do to me

I closed my eyes I dont want to see

I dont want to hear about you and him

I just want to know if its love that youre in

Coz you cant possibly be serious about him girl

And hes got to be delirious if he thinks he can win

With a not-so-pretty face

Hes come to take my place

Shes easily amused

And I know coz she fell for the same tricks

I once used

The things you say and the things you do

Ive added them up and they dont compute

I give you an inch and you take a mile

You cant say no coz it aint your style girl

And its obvious to me that he thinks hes gonna score

But its not the case you say youre only friends and nothing more

But it makes perfect sense

And I speak from experience

Shes easy to persuade

Shes a piece of cake and he


Hes got her made

You said goodbye to him a long

Long time ago

You changed your mind I guess

But you never let me know

You keep me guessing Im always guessing wrong

Always wrong

With a not-so-pretty face

And a poorly thrown ceramic


It makes perfect sense

And I speak from experience

Shes easily confused

What /

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