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In her past theres lots of people

I know them by their names

Some of them rushed by like water

Some of them were flames

Each and all knew a different girl

Someone Ive never met

They went with her to parties

Good times shell not forget

And here I come with empty hands

Ready to receive

And I just hope she doesnt change

Her mind and want to leave

Please you got to stay with me

Things will get better eventually

So girl stick it out with me

I feel a change coming over me

I came long at a time when she

Had offers left and right

I gave her all I had to give

All my best insight

Now she sees the uselessness

The nonsense of it all

She understands the ways of men

Kicking in the stall

Ive got the feeling I did harm

No good there have I done

I see in her the shit that once was mine

Of which she asked for none

And sometimes when I look at her

I see a different girl

I wonder what shes thinking

And if shes not part of my world

Eventually /

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