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Great Big Freak

feat. Big Dad

(Gotta be

got to be a freak of the week)

[ VERSE 1: Breeze ]

What you think about steppin to a funky beat that's movin ya

And while I'm doin ya, I'm also provin ta

Many I'm swingin and bringin you new styles to speak on

Muff, kick the beat on, you can't stop the freak on

This subject made public on human nature

Scribbled down on paper so I can relate ta

Ya some instruction on how to rap a freak

Free seminar, so grab a pen and a sheet

First ( ? ) you know tactful ways of gathering

Tell her what I'm havin, then I start reachin

For the oven, a symbol above em, to love them

So there'll be no pull-out when I'm freakin

A constant fall of ( ? )

It's many but the speed may vary

You know what I want before I speak

But let me ask you a question: do you wanna get freaked?

[ VERSE 2: Breeze ]

While a freak is at a constant hang you remember

I'm not the brother you thought I was pretending to be tender

It's only right that we do what we should do

Go with the flow with a freak, you know you want to

Far from a gigolo but figure though I'm dope'n

Never catch me sleepin cause I keep one eye open

Your legs are closed and you're froze from hesitation

I'm known to bust through in a tight situation

Everything is raw, nothing violent as hardcore

All I want is to just tour your body and explore

New reachings of excitement just to play around with

Somethin to hold on and this is the sound if

My muscles tighten up and I flow like a faucet

I don't hold it, I just look for a place to toss it

You look to the side, what's the matter, you can't speak?

Now answer me a question: do you wanna get freaked?

Yo, speakin of the freak scene

Great Big Freak /

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