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Ooh, ooh...

I always knew (I always knew)

You'd prey the lion's den to see me through, yeah

You always knew (You always knew)

Against the world

That I believed in you

1 - (Come back to me)

Come back to me

So we can love just like we did before

We always knew

That if we had to fight

We'd do it side by side

You for me and me for you

2 - You're my hero

Heaven's been so good to me

I'll be your hero

Forever is our destiny

All said and done

You brought silence to our enemy

(You said that we)

The war is won and for your pain

My loving is the remedy

Repeat 1

Repeat 2

3 - Our love is stronger together

Fate brought us closer together

No force can break what we treasure

No how, no way

Repeat 3

All this love is all that we have

All this love is all that we have

(You're my hero)

Repeat 2 (2x)

Repeat 3 till end

Hero /

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