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Deadly Assassins


What, you think it can't happen

Soul Assassins, two-thousand, word

It goes somethin' like this

Ah-ha, I'm Vision-Quest, Fresh Fest era terror

Krush Groovin like a low budget movie

I'm Wild Style like Lee Quinones, stop ridin' on my cajones

I talk with a speak that's much unique

While you desperately seek for that Susie freak

Yo, word to Rob One he used to like the big ladies

My name's Everlast I started back in the 80's like

All up in your nostril, actin' hostile, 13th appostile

Going postal, holy ghost mode

While you walkin' on the host strow actin' bicoastal (???)

Bitch, try to play the middle, snitch, wind up in the hospital

Cat on a hot tin roof with no fiddle

Put your money in the middle get broke like coal


Two deadly assassins makin' the ???

I'm Real, I'm Everlast and I'm takin' 'em all

Just when you thought it was safe to make a tape

Two deadly assassins seelin' your fate


I spit out the fire you won't know what hit

Watch me lace you up quicker than the joint gets lit

I got tears in this shit what do you got a couple

If you gotta hustle, what do you want, trouble

Jokin' (???) at the two who go way back like chucks (???) (way back)

With a hand on the pump by the big black trucks (fools)

You can't trust a soul in the City of Angels

The strange hoes want a piece look at these lame hoes (???)

I stained those with hot blood and changed clothes (???)

And main fools who wanna rock the same clothes (???)

And use the same flows, these son originals (???)

Niggas, all of a sudden if anyone wants to run up (???)

You get chastised and baptised and blood (???)

When the g

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