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Right On Track

Gonna make a move that knocks you over

Watch this turn one's gonna put you away

But I'm doing my very best dancing

Every time you're looking the other way

I could move out to the left for a while

I could slide to the right for a while

I could get up and back

Right on track

But is right on track

Is that gonna get you back

I've been trying to get your attention

And I'm very, very close to thinking of a way

I could be big and tough and other funny stuff

But you just keep looking the other way

How far away can you go

And still be dancing with me

Would you mind staying in the vicinity

I've not been faring badly

But I would gladly take you back

There must be some kind of bad connection

'Cause this music does not sound the way it did

I got to get up and back 'cause I've been off track

And that may be just why you disappeared

But now I've got you in the corner

And I've got one more move I can try of my eye

And I've got one more move I can try

Right On Track /

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