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In The Shadows

Album: Plaintiff

I hide in the shadow

Maybe its the best place for me

As nobody wants me around

Its dark here, where I am

Do you know how quiet it is when youre alone?

I am cursed to live like this

To see without seeing

To me, night is as clear as day

The darkness forbids me to feel

It builds up the hate within me

My resentments of this place

Here I am alone

My voice is the only thing I hear

I cant rely on myself in my mind of life

Nor can anyone else

This paranoia is my only friend

It watches me forever

Its always there


The thoughts or rage in my mind

Only resents what I left behind

I take one more step to the edge

Im about to fall to my death

In my head I cant put aside

The only things, my thought of suicide

A whirlwind of feelings of pain

My loneliness driving me insane

The line between real and fake is blurred

A face of fear awaits me

Everytime I close my eyes

Darkness surrounds me

How can you tell the difference

Between dreams and reality

When you cant tell whether you asleep or awake

My dreams remain as nightmares

Forever with me



My life haunts me

I can feel my sight betray me


(Chorus) + (Bridge) x2

In The Shadows /

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