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 Breakbeat Era Breakbeat Eraальтернатив-группа


On the left, to the right

Pressure gridlock eye on the prize

On my knees finally

The irony is you saying please

If you sleep too long the fires go out

You dare to dream and we have no doubt

One ahead one behind

It's physical no cold fish apply

Junk in your words don't show in your face i wait for your face to break

Vicious and clean edge like a razor hunting the lazerblade

Its free to the sweet one the short and the brief one silence is dangerous

Show me illusion in all the confusion peculiar database

Open up what am i ?

It's all in the book babe line after line

Easily voice on the line soothe it to sooth you

Ice down my spine

Breakbeat Era

Rancid / Breakbeat Era

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