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What A Change

David Gates)

You could be the answer to my lonely dream

It's my only dream

Dream it every night

It's about a girl who makes the waters still

Takes my troubled mind

And makes it all seem right...

Oh what a change, what a change that would be

I can feel it comin' over me,

Maybe it's strange, strange to say

But I can't remember how

How it used to be.

You could be the answer or another dream

Just another dream

How will I know

I'm afraid to wake up now and face the day

Comes the light of day

She'll have to go or stay...

Oh what a change, what a change that would be

Just to wake and find you still here,

'Cause every time, time before

When I open up my eyes

You always disappear.

We could sit and hope that you'll be seen

We could talk about the world and in between,

And when the morning light was through

Then I could see if it was really you.



What A Change / Bread

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